Easily Generate Ideas for Facebook Business Page Posts


Chances are, as a local business, you have a hard time thinking of ideas to post to your Facebook community.

As a page owner you may be overlooking a tool that can vastly increase the amount of comments and likes you get on your next update…

It can also help you generate ideas by targeting specific groups of people.

It’s called “add targeting” and it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

What’s great about the tool?

You can get really specific about who you want to reach and in turn, help create a message that is both original and reaches the right people.

These posts will have a higher engagement rate and will make your job of creating posts on a daily or weekly bases A LOT easier.

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Update 3-26-13

At the time this was published we had the beta version enabled. Facebook now gives you the option to turn this function on.

Go to “Edit Page” then choose “Manage Permissions” and check the “Post Privacy Gating” box.

turning on targeting in facebbo

Add the threaded replies while you’re there!


Ladies Night and I’m Feeling Right (oh what a night)

If you run a lounge, bar, or nightclub you can directly market to females who are single, are interested in men, are 21+, andwho live in your town.

Live in a culturally diverse city?

Target by language and post two updates, one in the English and one in the dominant foreign language.

This works well in my city as we have a lot of Spanish speaking residents.

facebook post ideas for company

Hot Tip: Add your link, image or offer before you target.


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Bros, It’s Happy Hour!

You’ve updated the female demographic but let’s not forget that it takes two to tango!

Sweeten the deal for these dudes to make sure they take a shower before heading in.

Again, remember who you are trying to reach, really think about them.

Who are they? What do they like? What moves them to action?

post ideas for a company facebook

Try a targeted post today. Don’t read this and not implement it.


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And The Baby Makes Three

Don’t forget about the kids.

Not everyone is into ladies night and that’s alright.

With the “add targeting” tool you’re not blanketing your community over and over so you can post multiple messages in one day that will only be seen by that specific demographic.

No spam! (everybody wins)

facebook post ideas for company

Try targeting the post first. This makes it easier to write a message.


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Pump up the volume…

So, your message is out there, its gotten some likes and comments but you want more, right?

Put your message on steroids by running a “Promoted Post”.

The great thing about targeting your updates is all you have to do now is hit the “on” switch (Promote Post) as you have already targeted your audience.

There is a lot to learn about Promoted Facebook Posts.

But with this method there are no messy advertising metrics to setup.

Just choose a budget and let ‘er rip.

Make sure that you keep a close eye on the chatter as to make sure that you respond to any questions or feedback.

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Next Steps

Don’t wait around to try out a targeted update.

It’s easy to setup, leave this post right now and go try it.

You’ll never know if it’ll work for you unless you try.

Do me a favor.

If this post helped you in any way share it with your community.


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