Run A Share Contest on Facebook (How To For Business Pages)

Ok. I was going to be lazy and just share another blogs update about how to have your Facebook community “Share” a post to be entered in to win a prize of some sort.

I decided to Google it and just use a link ¬†or image to someone else’s site and to my surprise nothing came up on the subject.

Now I have to write one, I guess.

I’m kidding of course. Kinda.

Feel free to share this article with your community if you need to or you can just save the image I created below and use it. I don’t really care if you download and use without any credit, just as long as it helps you succeed at Facebook marketing.

Run An Effective “Share” Campaign

Let me give you a run down of what I am trying to achieve when running a “Share” campaign to win a prize.

  1. I am posting this as the business page.
  2. The Facebook user must “share” the post I create.
  3. The post must be shared to the public so I can see that they “shared” and enter them in to win.

What tends to happen is most users will “share” the post but by default the post is only shared to their “friends” and therefore untraceable.

Almost every time I run a post like this someone asks how to share the post publicly.

This Picture Is Worth… About 100 Words

share post publicly

Easy 2 Step Process

When the user “shares” a post like this you can then check and keep tabs on who has entered in to win your prize.

Click the share symbol and a window will pop up.

Click the share symbol and a window will pop up.

And that is pretty much it.

Your Turn

Do you have any tips for running contests on Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.

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