The Stache 002: Local SEO Basic On-Page Optimization

3 local seo optimizations for your website

There are a few things that you as a business owner can do to optimize your website for local search.

Even if you don’t know a ton of code you can still optimize your site, especially if it’s built on WordPress.

In this episode of “The Stache” we’ll discuss title tags, image optimization, and schema.

Did you know…

that you don’t even need a website to rank in local results on Google?

Yup. If you don’t have a website then you’ll want to skip this episode but make sure you join the newsletter to find out when we discuss how to get your local business ranking even if you don’t have a site.

Resources For This Episode

Moz Local Trusted Providers

Nifty Marketing’s Big List of Local SEOs

Who’s Who In Local SEO

 Twitter Profiles












 The New Podcast

So this is a brand spanking new podcast.

I’m posting a couple of episodes that I’ve been sitting on for almost 6 months.

I was really fearful of launching this that’s why I waited so long.

After the thrid episode I am really going to turn up the heat of the education and value that is brought in each episode.

If  you happen to run across this podcast it would really help me out if you left a review on iTunes.

Leave your url in the review so I can stop by your site and subscribe to you as well.

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