3 (Free) Worksheets That Increase Online Followers For Local Businesses

local-business-social-media-marketingHow many people do you see walk through the front door of your small local business?

10? 20? 50? 300? 1000?

Whatever the number is you could be actively promoting your Facebook page to them (or any other social site that you like to use) at the most critical time that they will make a decision to follow you online.

At the register!

I have run plenty of promotions that are geared towards increasing the number of “Likes” on a Facebook page.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are going to pay between $0.50 and $1 (after fees) per like.

So, instead of dumping this money into Facebook, paying processing fees, and hoping that you attract relevant likes, you could get your offline community to connect with you online for about the same price.

The Critical Decision Making Time

If you have a business where the customer stands in line as they order, then you are going to need signage.

Display your message where it’s easy to read and that you give the customer the option to connect with whatever channel you want them to easily; E.g. QR code, shortlink, full link, etc.

Keep in mind that you are going to pay about a $1 per like on Facebook so structure you message to read:


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“Like” us on Facebook and we’ll take $1 Off any order over $8, right NOW!

If you own a local business where people are sitting down when they receive their bill then try inserting an offer in the pay-book that gives the patron an opportunity to follow you online.

Maybe “1/2 Off Any Appetizer or Dessert” on their next visit.

The second option is so much more powerful because there is a human element behind the agenda of connecting.

Your business should conduct itself online just the same as offline.

Having a person that is passionate…

about portraying this belief is going to have an extremely easy time converting your
off-line customers to online connections.

Making Deeper Connections

A lot of local business owners ask me how to expand their already present online campaigns.

They have a decent number of connections online but they need ideas of how to create more.

This is E.A.S.Y.

Give your offline community more reasons to promote you online.


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Ask them to write a review about you on Faceook.

Ask them to rate you on YELP.

Have them check-in on Foursquare or YELP.

How about offering a promotion if they write a Google+ Local review?

What if you created an online community on your website where your customers came to connect with you personally and others user’s who share the love of your business?

This could be 2 people or it could 200. Who cares!

If you connect a handful of people online who love what you do, what do think they are going to do for you offline, in real life conversations?

These connections are worth hundreds of dollars.

If you gave them a discount of just $5 they’d more than happy to help you out.

Marketing With More Intent

The absolute best method for marketing to your customers online is through email.

It is THE absolute best method.

I repeated that statement above because it’s important.

You can always reach an inbox. You can’t always reach a Facebook user, Twitterer, YouTuber, etc.


Click Image To Download Word Document

Create a tear-sheet that you can offer your customer with the call to leave their email, name, birthday (just month and year) and you will be able to create a massive amount of additional sales in the near future.

This information is worth hundreds over the course of year.

What if you gave them a $5 gift card for this information?

You’d be absolutely crazy to pass up this extremely relevant information.

Also, think about how happy your customer will be when they find out about a secret sale that is taking place next week that no one else has access too?!?!

What’s Your Take?

You know your business more than anybody else around.

What do you think would work for an offline promotion?

Do you think there is a more effective way to capture offline leads? What if you paired your direct mail, tv, radio efforts with an online promotion?

Tell us what kinds of methods or ideas you have in the comments below!

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