How To Instagram For Local Businesses: Create A Strategy

local-business-social-media-marketingEvery Internet platform used to successfully market a business needs a strategy, and Instagram is no different.

Getting started on Instagram can be tricky…

Don’t travel too far down a road, get lost and THEN pull out directions.

Create a road map that works for you and your business.

Remember, the only wrong strategy is no strategy.


Don’t wing it when you consider how often you will need to update your community.

Grab a calendar, setup an alert, put a sticky note on a mirror; just make sure you know when to update your account.

Choose how often you will add new content:

  • Every other Monday
  • 2 times a week
  • Every other day
  • Every day but one day a week
  • 2x a day everyday


Pick an overall theme that will dominate most of your pictures.
And a sub category (or two) that will compliment your main theme to take the sales edge off and add diversity.

Try these:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Staff highlights
  • Customer stories
  • Products in action
  • Events nearby
  • Other businesses nearby (stay away from the same industry as yours)
choose one theme and subthemes for instagram

Photo: Instagram Blog


Every social interaction is a conversation.

And believe it or not these interactions also need a strategy.

Commit to engage with your users and seek new relationships that build trust and increase your reach.

Plan how often you will:

  • Reply to likes on your post
  • Reply to comments on your post
  • Like other photos
  • Make new comments on other photos
  • Search new accounts to follow

Getting Started

A helpful jump-start in a new marketing campaign is to acknowledge what is already successful on your current accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

instagram-strategy-for-local-businessesThink about how you update those platforms and what kind of images create a response from your community.

If this is your first social media account used to market your business then take this opportunity to reflect on what YOU want to use Instagram for.

Ask your customers that walk in the door what they’d be interested in seeing on Instagram…

And how often they’d like to be updated.

You could even kick off your account with a Instagram Photo Contest to get people to follow and post pictures of your product.

Next Steps

Jot down your details listed above on a piece of paper, create a new Instagram account, and shoot some pictures to post.

Make sure to do some additional mobile photo editing if needed.


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