Instagram For Local Businesses: Find Your Theme

Having trouble defining a theme for your local business Instagram account?

Instagram users offer tons of insight as to how people use your product or service.

And the good news is there are all kinds of free tools to help you hone in and find out what your current and potential customers want to see.

This is a huge advantage when you begin to define a strategy for Instagram because it shows you how people are already engaging with your brand.

Essentially the people already posting pictures at your location are removing all the guess work from what you (your business) should be posting.

find pictures at your local business on instagram

Knowing popular items you can then take better quality pictures.

Discover Your Story

Before you send a single post to your account use to discover all the photos taken and posted at your business location.

Look carefully at them and see if you can discover a general “theme”. This may be 3-5 pictures that all match a certain pattern.

As you scroll the stream pay attention to:

  • What’s in it? Food, people, ambiance, etc.
  • Where is it taken? In front of your sign, inside, in a certain area.
  • How are they taken? Far away, up close, tilted, with filters, etc.

When you spot a pattern write it down.You might end up with 2-3 different themes and that is fine.

But what if you can’t find a pattern?

You’ll need to do a little reconnaissance work and…

Hijack The Competition

Targeting your competition is a great way to find out what is already working for your industry on Instagram.

Use the app again and type in your competitors name to see what is being posted there.

If you can’t find another local competitor in your niche hit up one of the big boys in your industry.

Once you find an active account through take that user name and plug it in to Statigram.

This will give you a nice stream of the account and you can then view all the likes and comments that their pictures are getting.

Create Your Own Voice

If you still can’t seem to nail down a theme then you can always wing it.

Just make sure that you stay consistent and build on your company’s voice.

I follow this local drywall company that uses a minimalist theme and takes in all the angles of construction. I love seeing new posts everyday because of the way the pictures are shot and edited.

I’m not sure how many drywall companies are using Instagram, but a safe bet is this guy created his own voice.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Just remember to give it enough time to really see if it works or not. Try at least 12 months if you want to start from scratch.



Next Steps

Find pictures of your business.

Check out your competition.

Look around at other accounts and find a style that you personally like.

Mark down the times you say to yourself  “oh that’s pretty cool” and then try to find a way to incorporate your product or service.

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