Instagram For Local Business (Free 3-Part Course)

If your business is probably on Facebook.

Did you know those same users are most likely on Instagram?

But here’s a secret, it’s even easier to find and build a community on Instagram than Facebook.

Most companies look past other social media networks like Instagram .

Why do I bring this up?

Now is the time to stake your claim and start building a following on this website that other local businesses will be jealous of.

I know it can be a little bit scary trying to learn the ropes of a new site.

That’s why we created a free 3-part course to help you figure out when to post, post what people want, and edge out your competitors.

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Introducing: The 3-Part Course on Instagram for Local Businesses

I have built multiple Instagram communities over the years. These are my tried and true methods that have helped local business owners like yourself go from 0 to hundreds and thousands of followers…


These courses use step by step methods, clear direction, and actionable next steps that won’t leave you confused or wondering what the heck is going on.

Let’s get started:

  1. Instagram For Local Businesses: Define A Strategy
  2. Instagram For Local Businesses: Find Your Theme
  3. Instagram For Local Businesses: Build Your Community


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