How To Take Charge Of People Badmouthing Your Local Business On Twitter

local-business-twitter-marketingIf you haven’t been living under a egg rock for the past couple of years than you have probably heard of Twitter.

Maybe you have but you don’t understand it or maybe you are utilizing in your marketing plan.

Either way you are most likely NOT using this amazing platform to it’s fullest potential for your local business.

*HINT: You don’t even need to be on Twitter to use the incredibly free tool-set.

Push Yourself Out of The Nest (If You Dare)

The first thing you need to do is get over your fear of this platform.

It easy to setup an account and jump right in.

If you’re worried about how to use Twitter there are plenty of amazing articles out there that will show you how to.

Or, you don’t have to have an account like I said before, but it wouldn’t hurt to use one anyways even if all you do is listen, because really that is what you should be spending the most amount of time doing as a business on Twitter.

Break Some Eggs To Make The Omelet

Head over to and you will land on a page that has a search bar much like Google.

Before you just jump in and insert your business name you need to hit the “advanced search” link so you can localize your search.


how to use advanced search on twitter

This option doesn’t always show up so you may have to reload the page a couple of times.


You will then be directed to a advanced search page where you will need to insert some text and options.

Feel free to play around with these, what I did was show you what you need to know to get started.

Enter your business name and/or genera and/or products.

Scroll down a little and enter your town name or zip code and insert a radius to search around.

Go ahead and hit search.

*HINT: If you live in a small town you will probably need to open the radius up.


how to search local on twitter

I always play with the radius to find the sweet spot.

Enjoy The Feeling of Flight

You’ve done it!

You made your first search and you are on the road to listening to what consumers have to say about your local business!

In the example below you can see that “burgers” and Fresno, Ca with a radius of 25mi was selected.


using twitter to see who tweeting about burgers

I like burgers. As a business there are plenty of conversations going on about this product that you can find,

Build a Nest To Come Back To

Now that you have created a search and you’re looking at what people are saying, make sure that you save it so you can come back to it.

If you don’t have a Twitter account this is really pretty easy.

Open notepad or a word document head over to your search results and the URL at the top of the page in your address bar is a link that you can continue to come back to.

Just copy and paste this link into a document and save it onto your desktop for easy access.

If you have a twitter account there will be a gear icon at the top left of the search.

Click this icon and click “save search” on the drop down.


save a local search on twitter for burgers

Make sure you save this so it’s easy to find later.


If you ever need to access this search just head into your Twitter account and in the search function type in the terms or words that you used for the search and it will automatically pop up and you will just need to click on it.


how to find your saved twitter search

I always take the string from my search and save it to Word so I always have a back -up.

An Extra Egg

Now, as a small business owner you don’t have time to jump on Twitter everyday and I understand that.

Not to fear there is a free tool out there that will email your Twitter search results to you daily and it’s incredibly easy to setup!

Head over to Twilert to get started.

You can either sign in with a Gmail account (which you should have in general no matter who you are) or if you already use Twitter you can sign in with that account.

After that select your timezone.


how to sue twilert

I always login with Google. Cause I’m cool like that.


Insert your search term and pick a time(s) that you’d like to be emailed.

I suggest two times, one in the morning when you are slow and one in the evening after the day is done.

Now you need to select the advanced options just below to help dial in your search.


use twilert for local business owners

Same deal as Twitter search here.


You can add the location either by zip code or town name and enter a radius around you.

After that you’re done, you’ll get a email from now on.

You’ll always be able to turn these off or modify them, you can even have them sent right then if you want or any time if you hover over the right side of the notification.

viewing reports on twilert

You can always login in and modify these in the future. So set up a bunch and see what works!

Empty Nest

That’s it!

Have fun with this platform and get creative in your searches.

Please tell us if you have found another great way to use the search function to benefit your local business in the comments below.

As always we hope that this article has helped you market you local business online!

Please take a second to share this on your favorite network…



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