How to Link Google Places To Your Website In 5 Minutes

You ever checked out Google Places?How To Use google for local businesses

You should.

First off you need to be interested in this platform because it’s free. That right there should peak your interest, amiright?

Second you need to have this listing claimed and tied to your website because of the huge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits it brings to the table.

The problem that I run across most with local sites is that the business owner or webmaster linked to a map on Google that is NOT the business page. Rather, it is a map that was created by a user with a pin that locates the destination.

Don’t do this.

Link to your places page. And, if you have a designated contact page on your site link your Google places page to the contact page.

Get Linked To Start The Brew

To show you what you should be doing and how to do it I am going to use my favorite coffee shop as an example.

If I Google “coffee shop Fresno” (my hometown) a list of businesses come up. On that list is my favorite shop Cafe Corazon.

google places page for coffee shops

See ’em up there? There he is! Mmmm coffee.

Now you can see that the local places page show up for them.

This is good.

If I click the pinkish icon next to the listing I am directed to a page that isolates to just Cafe Corazon.

This is where you are going to find your link that you can use to link to your places page from your website.

how to link to google places

That little guy? I would worry about that little guy.

Or you can click on the more info and that will send you to the new Google Plus page for local businesses.

And this is where the true benefits of this program kick in. You now have the ability to customize your brand page and it is a lot easier for a user to write a review.

All you have to do is copy the link at the top of this page to link to this option.

where to get reviews on google

Hey, look! Now I can tell everyone how much I love the coffee there!

Don’t Add Creamer Or Bad Links

Let’s say you Google “coffee shop fresno” and Google in it’s not so infinite wisdom decides to list the websites indexed for this term and not local places of this business and you happen to click on it and see on the homepage that there is a map like icon.

how to link to google places

Great idea having a places link and Yelp link! Bad idea linking to a generic places page.

Now if we click on this icon it takes us to a map that is NOT the Google listing for this page.

don't link to google places like this

What is this page? Where have I gone? Did I break the internet? I need a coffee.

You might be thinking “big deal” but it is a big deal…actually it’s HUGE.

There is zero branding going on, there are zero reviews displayed, contact info is missing, and the ability for a user to write a review is gone and the most important item on this list is that Google isn’t giving your website and place page SEO juice for linking to them.

Pretty big deal, isn’t it?

Coming Down, Stay Focused 

Here are the key takeaways for today:

  • Claim you local Google Places page
  • Customize you Google Plus (Google Place) page with all the important data.
  • Link your website to your Google Plus Local page or Google Places listing (Google is still working out the kinks on this).
  • Link to your contact page from your Google Plus Local page, if you have a website that has a dedicated contact page.

Do you have any suggestions?

Need help?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Wisdom's Cafe says

    Hi, thank you!!! I am going to make sure I get this right.
    Have you heard of Single Platform and what do you think of their services?

    • says

      You’re welcome, glad you found the article of use!

      Yes I have and I am just now getting my feet wet with SinglePlatform. From what I can tell they have some really neat capabilities that are integrated with other major platforms for local businesses, such as foursquare.

      I’ll actually be doing a post on it in about 4 weeks.

  2. Mark in NorCal says

    Hi ya, Mikel:

    Just so I understand, this won’t allow us to dynamically “show a map” on our website, will it?

    (I think that needs to be done with an iframe and the google map parameters, right?)

    Instead, it just allows us to link directly to the google places map page that lists OUR business, correct?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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