Idea To Get Tons Of Comments And Likes On Your Facebook Business Page

facebook marketing for local businessesThere has been a lot of controversy about how many people you reach on Facebook when you update your status, lately.

Besides the fact that you have NEVER been able to reach everyone who likes your Facebook business page; all the recent changes in my opinion have done nothing but hurt small business Facebook page communities.

There has never been a “Silver Bullet” in all of marketing history…

There never will be one.

No matter what method you use to market your small local business you’ll never be able to reach everyone.

Right now you reach about 7% of your community on Facebook. If you get decent engagement you’ll probably reach about 15%.

I’m going to show you how to reach 54% of your page likes!

Who Likes You

In order to post an update that resonates with your community you first need to know who they are.

To do this you need to view your insights. Go to your page and on the top right click “Show” when that expands go to the center bottom of the dashboard where your “Insights” are and click “See All”. When that opens into detail click “Likes”

You can now see the percentages of who likes your page and you’ll be able to tailor a message towards them.

All that you need to know is the gender and their age group for this exercise.

how local small busiesses can use Facebook insights

Pay attention to who the majority of your fan base are.

With the above analytic’s we can see that 80% of the page is female and that the target age group is 25-34.

Crafting A Message That Resonates

With the knowledge of your community from above you can now craft a message that will tug at their heart strings and move them to engage with your post.

You have multiple options about what kind of message you could post.

I am going to show you one as an example, but you could really let your imagination run wild with where you want to go.

I know that I need to target Females between the ages of 25-34.

Let’s think about this demographic for a second. They could be single, married, starting a family, thinking about starting a family, young professionals, etc.

One thing I know for sure is that most women, in general, LOVE BABIES! And with the age group of 25-34 I am almost certain that these women are starting a family, thinking about starting a family or have friends that are starting a family. So I posted about… A BABY!


what to post for local business on facebook

You don’t need to force engagement when you craft a message for the right audience.


The Results

What happened after the update?

That message reached 54%  (3,083 likes at the time of the post) of the page likes!

My viral reach was 28% of my page. These are people that don’t like the page yet but most likely fall into our target demographic.

how to write an update to reach your Facebook page likes

Over 2,000 people were reached!

Important To Remember

Know and remember who you are writing to on your social platforms.

Always try to include a picture.

Try not to force engagement.

Have fun, test, and don’t be afraid to try new things.


So we want to know, what kind of status updates work for your page?

Can we help you craft a message that resonates with your community online?

Just let us know in the comments below and we’d be happy to help you out.

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  1. says

    I find it *ha-larious* that all these social media gurus are complaining about their engagement numbers on Facebook dropping when really, if they just understood their target market better (ie: old school marketing 101), they never would have noticed at all.

    If you make epic stuff for the right people and put it where they’re going to see it, you get all the engagement you need.

    • says

      Very true, Nick. I think even the best tend to get caught up in the hype. It’s important to remember who you are trying to reach when you’re updating these sites.

      Thank you for your input!

  2. says

    Having a lot of likes and shares on Facebook is such a wonderful thing to think of. If people likes and share your posts, this mean they do like what you are doing on your site which is giving them information that they really need.

      • says

        Howdy Mikel,

        One of the things that i like is to read blog posts on the internet that can enhance my knowledge and at the same time share my opinion through comments.

        And you can just call me Sef. :)

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