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Remember when your mom used to tell you to clean your room? Then, when you were done she’d come in and tell you to make your bed. You thought cleaning your room was just that, cleaning your room. But what she really meant was clean your room and make your bed. You didn’t think they went together (we didn’t either), but they did.

Buying your website name and buying space to host the files that make up your website are a lot like this scenario. You thought you had done it all by purchasing your domain name. The internet thought otherwise. What the internet really meant was buy your domain name and your hosting account. We think mom’s and the internet may be incohoots.

This process is pretty easy and won’t leave you throwing a fit, on the ground, in the middle of the room.

Now that you bought your domain name you need to buy hosting to host your web files. These are the files that make up your website so when someone types in your web address the internet knows where to go to get the files so your website shows up on somebody’s computer screen. Where you host your domain name and your website files could be the same company such as Go Daddy or it can be two separate companies. For this example we’re gonna host our files elsewhere, and that elsewhere is HostGator. They have excellent customer service and one-click installs of programs that we will be using later.

So Here We Grow:


Click on the “Web Hosting” tab in the menu, that will then direct you to a page with package offers.
Pick the “Hatchling Plan” and click on “Order Now.”

hostgator website hosting

Domain Choice:

Now, seeings how you have already purchased your domain name (because you are obviously a rock star and followed our last post to a “T”) choose the option that reads “I currently have a Domain name” and enter your name in the box and click “Continue to Step 2”

radical mustache website hosting

Account Creation:

This will direct you to the payment screen. Here you can:

  • Pick the length of your hosting plan. The longer the more you save.
  • Create your username. We recommend using your domain name.
  • Create your PIN. Make sure you remember this, it will be useful for troubleshooting your account down the road.

Then you will need to enter your billing info, agree to the terms, and click “Create Account.”

where to store your website files

All Done:

That’s it your done. But, wait.
You are seeing a screen with coupons? It’s alright you don’t need any of those we’ll help you out with that later. Again do NOT purchase any of these additional options.

If you notice at the top, you have been sent an email that will have all you access information in it.


Your Confirmation Email:

You’ll now recive an email with all your acces information in it. It will contain:

  • Access link to your control panel (cPanel)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Billing link and password

how to purchase hosting

Next Step:

Well, that’s it!

Yep you are on your way to setting up your very first website for your business. You are smart, tech savvy, and you still have time to run your local business. Next step will be pointing your domain name to your hosting provider so that when people type in your url GoDaddy will tell the internet where to find your website files, which will be at HostGator.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments below and we will be more than happy to respond to them.

Thanks for stopping by – MikeyZ



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