How To Claim Your “Free” MapQuest Listing

Update 2-19-14: Evidently there is still a way to claim your free listing. It now is done manually (via email). Read this comment.

Update 1-23-14: And now Search Engine Land has confirmed that MapQuest shuttered it’s basic listing service for local businesses.

Full article here.

Update 10-15-2013: As of right now you can no longer claim/update your MapQuest listing for free.

***Start Of Original Article***

Recently I was working with an agency and helping them not only start the Local SEO process but also move a client from an old location to a new one (which was just down the street).

There has been a lot of “maintenance” work done on old/incorrect citations so it’s been nothing short of slug paced progress. But with that comes the ability to learn, take lots of notes, and update spreadsheets and guides so the next time the process goes a little faster.

With that said I ran into a strange situation where I wanted to claim AND update a citation but I was not able to do so unless I paid for it. Not once, but on a monthly or yearly reoccurring fee.

Mapquest, Yext and You

mapquest-yest-claim-processIt looks as though Mapquest and Yext have partnered to “make some sweet moola” (said in Kips voice).

Nothing wrong with wanting to monetize your platform, I guess.

But here’s the deal…

If you are a local business owner just wanting to update or claim your Mapquest listing and you’re not hip to the Local SEO game then you are going to think that you HAVE to pay to play (they MP&Yext do a good job of making you think this) and you’ll either abandon your claim – and if it has bad data, that’s a shame – or pay for something that is free.

What you’ll need to know is if your claiming process follows the steps in the image to the right then you are on the wrong track, unless of course you want to pay for this service.

The Free Option

Instead you can get to the free version of your Mapquest claim by typing “claim listing on mapquest” into Google.

The first result should be what you need.

It will look like this:

claim listing on mapquest for free

After you click on this you’ll need to create an account and update/claim your listing.

The process is pretty fast and Mapquest is great at updating their listing (my was done in 24 hours).

My Thoughts

Ok, so I get partnerships and wanting to increase revenue. We all want that (money I mean).

I want my FREE MapQuest listing back! (Tweet It!)

But here is the deal with how this claiming process is presented.

You are made to believe that you are claiming your business listing, when you get to the end of the process you are offered neither a “Free Basic Listing” or notified that you can claim your account for free by visiting a different page.

If I put myself in the local business owners shoes I think this is a bit, scammy, for lack of a better word. I would believe that I have to pay for this service and that is just not the truth.

Maybe I’m being sensitive though. I’m a big teddy bear after all.




  1. Hana says

    Is it still possible to get a free listing? I’m going to that exact web address and I’m still getting the Mapquest, Yext partnership option.

  2. says

    Interesting that Yext is the only way to get a mapquest listing. I wonder if you can still get a listing via the aggregators, InfoUSA or Axciom.

    I hope this is not the future of adding listings. Yext is expensive and if you stop using them they will essentially stop updating your listing.

    Because most directories supplement their database with aggregators, the listing has the potential to be replaced by whatever future data feed a directory uses to update their database.

    I think Mapquest is making a big mistake and it will be interesting to see if this type of relationship will continue or if the relationship turns sour.

    • says

      Hey Todd,
      I’m sure that the data aggregators will make the update but that’s a risky move if you have a business that has moved recently or consistently getting updated with the wrong info.

      It definitely looks like a trend with Yext. I am running into more and more sites that are monetizing through affiliation with Yext.

      Thanks for the thoughtful input.

      See you around.

  3. John S says

    This is about the worst idea that will totally put mapquest out of use by myself as a user knowing its now an extortion scheme and as a business owner on a budget.

    I simply do not understand why would they take away the basic listing free option from the public. many mom and pop shops, even big companies simply do not like to pay $150 for just being visible on a bunch of websites as part of a “premium” listings, when you can get on most of them for free.

    In this day and age that the big data aggregators offer free basic listings that send it out to sites including mapquest, this is just a scam on the ones who are not in the know. Perfect marketing pitch for one-time fix all hands-on local SEO people. because when you add up the cost of Yext or any other pay for play all the time system like the new mapquest, its a hefty tag, $300 a year, in 5 years is $1500, most businesses use a $500 computer for 7-10 years, almost double the age they should be comfortably using it. why would they be paying an extortion price like this when they can use acxiom or inforgroup that any way drop your listing into sites like mapquest and others anyway, albeit a little slower.

    I simply do not find any use for my own mapquest app anymore, now that i know how the system is being played.

    NO BUENO MAPQUEST. you now officially SUCK

  4. Ryan Longenecker says

    Hana me too! I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch. Everyone wants to nickel and dime you to death. All we want is to sell our wares and make a little living.

  5. says

    Yeah. This MapQuest pay to play crap is annoying. It’s just information. What if our businesses were so awesome that it actually sent traffic the their so called awesome directory when consumers searched for our brands. That would actually make their directory more valuable, because it will then get traffic. They would actually be using us in a sense. Win/Win. Our awesome brands will promote MapQuest’s web traffic while we gain citations for the search engines. After they get traffic, they can then pander anything they want to our customers. I just want a citation dang it! LOL

  6. says

    I find this very annoying! I used the work around listed above multiple times and now it’s just not an option any longer. That is unfortunate for both my client and for MapQuest as we will stop using their directory. I did notice however that it does still say that data is partially provided by Localeze. Hoping that it still is, I corrected the business information there and crossing my fingers they update it.

    • says

      Hey Kristie – yes they will pull data from Localeze but the problem is what if a business keeps getting it’s NAP indexed incorrectly? Part of citation cleanup is going in to individual sites and cleaning those up. No longer an option with MapQuest.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Jeovani Pime says

    i think it’s time to stop using sites like MapQuest and all sites that are using this principle.

    Shame on you MapQuest !!!!

  8. says

    Small businesses are the cream of the crop and all young consumers with a lifetime of purchasing power know that. When said consumers cannot find any cool businesses on their iphones through mapquest, mapquest will reap what they have sown.

  9. says

    Wow. This is disgusting. Personally, I will never use MQ ever again because of this. How slimy on their parts. I understand if you want some added features but just a basic listing and they want to charge you $199 annually. I tried making a listing but there was no free option. I wish every biz owner would send them an email to let them know what a joke that is.

  10. says

    Bogus!! Not only did I flinch when I saw there new platform, but they (yext)managed to get the data I had not submitted fully to call me this morning and try to sell me on it. I said I didn’t need there service and I can do what they are offering myself. He scoffed and said they are a billion dollar company and I couldn’t and promptly got off the phone.

    Scam if I ever saw one

    • says

      Hey Jake – I know how you feel. Although it’s not necessarily a scam it is however extremely bad customer service/sales tacit to use the approach they did. But, when you are trying to eek out every penny you can I guess you have to take drastic measures.

      FYI: If you need to update MQ has said the use LocalEze. Not the perfect solution but it”ll get the job done over time.

  11. says

    apparently it is still free somehow check out my email to mapquest support….my original is first.

    I say everyone email support since its still supposed to be “free”

    Carlton La

    Carlton Landscaping

    Feb 18 06:55 AM

    1. You need to remove “Free” business listing links from all your webpages because uhhh it sure aint free anymore.

    2. Dont want a free lunch but $150 dollars to have my business on mapquest is way too high. Maybe 40-50ish. Wait till none of the businesses the people are using their smartphones to get directions to show up and they will stop using mapquest cause it wont have any businesses on it. Too much and too greedy basically. Just ask netflix about it.
    This email is a service from MapQuest Help Center . Delivered by Zendesk.

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Your request (#60845) has been updated. Reply to this email or click the link below:

    MapQuest C

    MapQuest Customer Support (MapQuest Help Center )

    Feb 19 11:45 AM

    If you could please provide me with the name, address phone number and website if you have one as well as the type of business and I will add it. The $150 is for premium listings, this allows users to manage the listing themselves.

    Thank you,

    MapQuest Support

    Carlton La

    • says

      Brad, thank you for posting this!

      I’m sure a lot of readers will find this very useful. I’ll update the post and link to the comment.

      Thanks for helping out the community!

  12. says

    I went to create a listing on MapQuest BEFORE reading this article. What’s interesting is the comment that YEXT is being kind of “scammy”. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT TOO.

    As a consumer, I followed the links, believing I could get a “free listing”, but by the time you have typed in all your info and a little “live chat” person pops up in the lower right hand corner of the screen, you realize there is NO free listing, just 4 options, the lowest of which is expensive and the highest is outrageous. I complained to the live operator that I felt the website was deceptive since they could be clear about their product on a landing page, rather than “luring” the customer to the Gestappo “PAY NOW” page. In fact, I just terminated the discussion and within no less than 3 minutes the company was actually calling me on my business telephone to discuss what happened. Our phone system emails the voicemail message and after I got the message I returned the call several times getting only voicemail to which I did *not* leave a message. Then I got a CALL BACK a few minutes later to my cell phone. The person I spoke with was polite, but disagreed in my assessment that their website was completely misleading. The entire experience left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Like other commenters, I have no problem paying a reasonable fee to get a listing, but I’m a small business and there is simply not an unlimited budget to pay for every single listing service. And, it’s not like it’s going to drive any business to you, anyway.

  13. says

    I would like to list our business on Map quest . Please contact me by email with the details or call me at 800-273-6617.Thanking you in advance, Cheri

  14. says

    Yext is appalling. Will NEVER do business with them the $150 is ridiculously high.

    Mapquest was good, but not anymore. And since they will not update our companies, people wont’t find them on new addresses and numbers.

    Facebook, google update them for free. that is why will use those.

    do NOT feed yext. if you create yourself a free website, or even blog, you will have a LOT MORE visitors then from what yext offers.

    [edited by admin to remove promotion]

  15. mjon says

    Mapquest has materially damaged our business and my attorney is in contact with them. We moved location and changed our phone #. By not updating our contact information we are losing $$$ when potential customers use mapquest to find us and are then get frustrated with bad info and take their money elsewhere. loosing money is damage! They are knowingly providing misleading info and will not correct it. As my attorney says that is “willful’. Please don’t email me as this is early and have no results to share, however, if the angry mob, large numbers, is at the castle gate, things happen

  16. William says

    I had a small “FREE” business listing on mapquest. Nothing needed to be updated, everything was fine, or so I thought! Then in May we started offering a new service which is generating a lot of new traffic. Customers started telling me that the address and location when put into their GPS was taking them somewhere else. Made me start thinking on checking all the listings with google, yahoo, MAPQUEST! was the culprit! Guess what now I can not access my account or anything else, shows my address but no phone number, business name or services!

    Then I remembered last October someone from YEXT called me three or four times wanting me to upgrade my listing, they did not say anything about mapquest, well, we all know about these scam calls to try to sell us updated listing blah, blah, blah. So I had a few colorful words with the caller after several times of being called guess they removed my listing a together.

    What a bunch of donkeys. Oh well google serves my needs and I tell everyone who comes to my store not to use mapquest or YEXT! Make it free then remove and want paid. Small business are not going to pay that kind of money, its a waste.

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