Instagram For Local Businesses: Build A Communtiy

Build an Audience

People who currently post pictures of your business (most likely your regular customers) are more likely to follow you back.

Retrace your steps and like and/or comment on all the pictures you found taken at your business when you started to find your Instagram account theme.

This will let your community know that you are now active on Instagram.

If you comment on a user’s photo try to use a relevant hashtag (#), preferably your city name, so others can find you too.


Similar Audiences

You can now search nearby businesses (using that target your same demographic.

Like and comment on all these updates.

Then jump on the Instagram app itself and search other local competitors names, hashtags (#) with your city name, and hash tags with the products or services you offer.

Again like and comment on these so people know you exist.

instagram and local business search

Start close and fan out.


Get Broad

After you have exhausted your local community resources start to expand outside of your location.

Check out your business genera in neighboring towns and then fan out from there.

But remember that you are no longer targeting local customers so be careful how much time you invest into this.

I like to do this 2 times a month for about an hour each time. Seems to get the job done and there’s no time sink involved.


Pro Tips

  • Like but DO NOT follow (unless it appeals to you) users photos.
  • Try to like and/or comment on a 100 pictures a day.
  • Jot down hashtags (#) that are reoccurring on related searches.
  • Keep an eye out for power users that you can build a relationship with


Your Turn

In the comments below tell me what industry your business in.

Then I’ll create a post that gives you ideas of how you can build your community.



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