How To Avoid Duplicate Listings in Local SEO (and a poem)

Let us start this post with a haiku:

messy citations

call tracking p.o. boxes

abandon all hope

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Duplicate citations, the bane of my existence.

*Side-note: I’ve been waiting so long to use bane in a sentence you have no idea how gratifying that was. Heh.

Ok, let’s get down to brass tax here.

You want to know what sucks the life out of you in a local seo campaign?

Finding and squashing duplicate citations.

Over, and over, again…

I find myself repeating this term a lot lately “No. Don’t. Don’t do that.” when clients or potential clients ask me about implementing less than savory local SEO tactics.

I’ll be honest with you I’ve seen some real bonehead moves out there. Most of the time you, the local business owner, sets out with good intentions but you get crap advice and then act on it….

And before you know it your rankings are tanked, you have a plethora of duplicate citations, and you’re looking at a $3000 tab at minimum to get your mess all straightened out by a professional.

Here’s a list of  ‘No. Don’t. Don’t do that’s’ to help keep you and your rankings on the up and up.

I Can’t Buy A New Lambo For $10,000

You can’t get quality Local SEO for under $1000 per location.

cheap local seo

Bad Duplicate.


I know you may not have it in the budget to drop ah “G” on your SEO and that’s ok.

Try to do some basic stuff yourself, or save a little each month until you have it, or ask a pro if you can make monthly payments…

But whatever you do:

  • Do NOT buy a local SEO service from Ebay [Tweet It]
  • Do NOT hire your neighbors-uncles-sisters-son who is a high school student but a computer whiz
  • Do NOT use Fiverr, Odesk, Elance or any other discounted service [Tweet It]
  • DO remember that if you aren’t around the $1000 price tag there’s a 90% chance it’s not legit

Remember the old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true then it probably is’ when you are sourcing your Local SEO.

Don’t Fake It Till You Make It

If you want to get all dapper and hit the chamber mixer in your three-piece button down I’m all for it.

I knew a lady who targeted LASIK Doctors for her SEM business and she didn’t have a f’n clue of how to do it. Somehow she got these knuckle-heads to pony up tens and twenty of thousands of dollars a month to use her services.

I’m not saying you should lie to people like this person, cause you shouldn’t.

And there. Right there. Is the point I’m trying to make.

Be honest with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.,when you prove who you are and what your business does.

How you ask?

  • Do NOT use P.O. Boxes [Tweet It]
  • Do NOT use your brother/nephew/ex-wife’s home address to create fake Google My Business (GMB) pages all around town
  • Do NOT leave old locations marked as open in GMB [Tweet It]
  • DO create/claim one legitimate GMB page per location

Houston, We Have A (phone) Problem

I keep hearing this term ‘marketing numbers’ and I still don’t get it.

Marketing numbers? What does that even mean?


If you want to really lower your trust with Google then confuse the hell out of them.

Here’s how NOT to do that though. You know, if your interested.

  • Do NOT use call tracking numbers outside of your site [Tweet It]
  • Do NOT use 800 numbers or call tracking numbers in your GMB pages [Tweet It]
  • Do NOT let a family member in another town or state use your phone number for their GMB page
  • Do NOT place two different numbers on your site in a schema that use the same location (e.g. footer and header differ)
  • DO use one unique land-line number (rings in the actual business) per GMB page/location [Tweet It]
  • DO create a contact(s) page that lists the location(s) with the phone number(s)

Bad Luck Blows

Haha. Yeah.

But you know what’s even worse?

When you get impatient and start doing things you shouldn’t.

Local SEO done right is done S.L.O.W.[Tweet It]

(i’d insert a chive image here but you should entertained enough as is)

Just look around at some other agencies doing it. They all advocate taking your time in both building and measuring results in a local SEO campaign.

Remember, haste makes waste.

Stay composed and…

  • Do NOT create new GMB pages if you can’t get yours out of Google penalty purgatory [Tweet It]
  • Do NOT register a new DBA with the intentions of local ranking perks if you current location does not rank
  • Do NOT send harassing emails to webmasters and customer service agents [Tweet It]
  • Do follow up on inquires regularly and if you can pick up the phone

Stay To The Left… The Right, I MEAN. THE RIGHT!

Look. It’s not too hard to follow the advice above.

Really it boils down to one thing.

Just be honest.

Really, just do that.

If you get caught in a sticky situation there are plenty of resources for you out there where you can ask a professional what to do if you can’t figure it out.

Have a question? Ask it in the comments if you do.

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