The Sad, Sad State of Local SEO

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I have three kids. All boys. Two that are alpha males, and one that I'm pretty sure is smarter than me (I hope he doesn't put this together anytime soon). My middle guy (an alpha) has become increasingly independent lately. He has opted out of using his booster seat at the table. I get it. … [Read more...]

3 Local SEO Secrets Learned Over Time

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I had a conversation with a highly regarded Local SEO the other day. It was pleasant, informative and it blew my mind. Listening to someone talk who has been in the Local SEO game for almost a decade and has forgotten more than most of us have ever learned is a real eye opener. I started doing … [Read more...]

How To Sabotage Your Local SEO Rankings

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A few years ago I was tasked with helping a multi-location grocery store chain achieve rankings on Google. They had 12 locations (4 of which were in super competitive markets) that had absolutely zero visibility in search, no website, and a brand-spanking-new url. Needless to say there were … [Read more...]