3 Mobile Photo Edits For Better Pictures (Snapseed App Review)

local-business-social-media-marketingBefore we even get into this post, let me make a disclaimer.

The businesses used below for examples are doing more than 90% (my math) of other local businesses in regards to internet marketing.

This post isn’t about what they are doing wrong

it’s about what they could be doing better.

If you run a any kind of small, local business and you’re posting visuals of your products, kudos to you and keep up the good work!

What you’ll learn today is that you can take a couple extra minutes before you hit the post button to give your pictures a professional look, for free.

There are hundreds of photo editing apps available but the best I have found is owned by Google (duh, right?)

And I’m not saying it’s the best because of the technology.

It’s the best because it’s fast and easy to use and you don’t really have to know what you’re doing to get a great image.

Download the Snapseed App by Google and let’s begin.

Where’s The Beef

There’s a little bar/lounge down the street from me that posts food pictures on Facebook rather┬áconsistently.

They seem to capture cool angles, but the lighting is always really dark. (it’s a dark place so it makes sense)

In the shot they posted a lot of the detail was missing due to their ambiance.

Here’s the simple fix they could have used:

  1. Tune Image > Brightness 60 > Ambiance 10 > Contrast 10 > Saturation 10
  2. Crop the image to bring it closer and cut out the dead space of the counter.

Devils In The Details

Every restaurant owner wants to capture their food in a way that shows off all the details

but this technique is hard to execute.

When showing the public the items used in a product edit your photo so the details are more pronounced.

Food is art and it’s worthy of attention.

Here’s the more advanced edit:

  1. Tune Image > Brightness 20 > Ambiance 30 > Contrast 10 > Saturation 15 > White Balance 5
  2. Detail > Sharpening 40 > Structure 30

Hint: Crop the image into a square and you can post it to Instagram

Combo Meal, Edit

It takes a really good eye and lots of experience to nail an overhead (birds-eye) picture.

The only way to get better is by trying.

So, until you get it down at least edit your image to give it a fighting chance.

This step is a little more advanced and will take about 10 minutes so make sure you have some extra time.

The problem that you may run into when brightening your whole image is that the whites get really white and the dark areas still carry shadows.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. First “Tune” up your image like we did above. I typically start here on all my edits.
  2. Selective Adjust > Drag To Dark Areas of Cilantro on Tacos > Pinch Screen To Tighten Radius > Brightness 20 > Contrast 10 > Saturation 10
  3. Selective Adjust > Drag To Salsa In Cup > Pinch To Tighten Radius > Brightness 15 > Contrast 5 > Saturation 20

Snapseed The App

It took me about 20 minutes to get familiar with the app this included running through the tutorial.

The gestures are easy to remember once you use the app a handful of times and importing/exporting are super fast.

In all, running your photos through Snapseed before you post them should become second nature to you after about a week.

This app is lightweight and user friendly, plus Google supports it so you know it’ll be updated to keep up with other editing apps.


The Pros:

  • Fast edits so you can post in real time
  • Filters if you want to add a unique touch
  • Easy to select an area and edit for extra fine tuning
  • Easily share to your social media accounts (excluding Facebook pages)

The Cons:

  • Some features are buried and hard to remember they are there
  • Can’t share to your Facebook business page
  • No back button so once you process an image that’s it
  • Saving to other apps (Google Drive) converts the image to a .ig file.


Next Steps

Download the Snapseed app and use it for the next week.

Use one new feature each time you edit to see what it does.

Leave a comment below if you have a better mobile photo editing app that you use.


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      Tell me about it, Eric.

      I was having a hard time putting this together because I was getting so hungry.

      What do you think of the app? I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

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