3 Local SEO Secrets Learned Over Time

I had a conversation with a highly regarded Local SEO the other day. It was pleasant, informative and it blew my mind.

Listening to someone talk who has been in the Local SEO game for almost a decade and has forgotten more than most of us have ever learned is a real eye opener.

I started doing Local SEO in 2008, but I didn’t know I was doing it.

I just thought it was nice how all these directories around the web would let me list my failing semi-successful direct mail magazine on their site.

After about a year it dawned on me that Local SEO was having an effect on my revenue (it was going up) and it eventually lead to the sale of my company.

Since then I have picked up some great tips…

and some NOT so great tips.

But when you talk to a seasoned vet you get a glimpse into just how far ahead of the curve they are.

And that the tactics you thought were cutting edge they already exploited a couple of years ago.

That’s why I have put together three points of wisdom I have learned over the years and listed them below.

Are they secrets?

Not sure.

I’d say more like “dumb tax” that was paid for you, in advance.

1) You Need To Pay To Consult With a Professional SEO

downloadHear me out on this.

As a local business owner, if you are serious about getting your Local SEO up to snuff and beating out the competition then you need to ask a professional to take a look at your stuff and see where the holes are at in your boat.

Trust me, you have them, even if you think you don’t.

This is money well spent and you’ll have a pretty clear road map to implement into your plan when it’s all said and done.

Plus you’ll have insight and wisdom from a seasoned old salt.

If you are a Local SEO yourself and you have just jumped into this unique marketing method, drop a few bucks and let a 1 hour phone call catch you up on everything you have missed over the years.

Trust me, you’ve missed A LOT!

Find someone you admire online, either because they offer great tips for free or because they just write articles that tell you how it is.

Here’s a great list to start with:

2) Do A Little Something Today and Everyday

radical mustache local seoStop asking for advice and even paying for help that you disregard the moment you get.

This is a waste of everyone’s time involved.

It’s frustrating to advise a client that you know needs help and you’re doing everything in your ability to offer that help, but ignorance and pride just won’t take a back seat.

Implement the strategies, tips, and advice you get and stop sitting on your butt finding reasons not to launch a successful game plan.

A Local SEO professional is not going to call you every other hour to make sure you get off your lazy keister and do something to improve your rankings.

You want it? Go get it

Or pay someone to do it for you.

Try this for starters. Do a little at a time but try to finish one task a day:

  1. Claim and optimize your Google Places listing.

  2. Build out 30 citations in 30 days.

  3. Optimize each page on your website with title and description tags, and schema mark-up. Try one page a day or week.

  4. Solicit reviews on 3rd party sites. Shoot for one new review a week.

3) Sometimes There Is Nothing That Can Be Done

local seo in fresnoIf you think a person or company can fix all your headaches by riding the latest search trend than you are in for a very unpleasant surprise.

No matter how much effort you put into getting visible online, if your business sucks, it’s not going to help.

You can hire a professional to help you show up higher on Google, but if those leads walk into your business and the customer service is horrible…

then the customer has an unpleasant experience with your product…

and the owner tells him to kick rocks on the way out…

well, not much can be done and it’s nobody’s fault but your own if your business philosophy and systems aren’t up to par.

Maybe you could spend your hard earned money on fixing in-house issues first before you send more traffic through the door.

A great indicator to check before you start a Local SEO campaign is your Yelp listing. If you hold a 2 or 3 star rating and all the complaints have a general theme then stop what you are doing and head to the chalk board.

Try polling your customers as they leave your place of business. Offer a brief survey as the customers are leaving with an easily accessible reward for participating.

For example, a three question (yes or no response) survey on the customer service in return for a free appetizer the next time they come in. This is a simple technique that can have profound feedback.

After you have addressed these issues then it’s time to get crackin’ on showing up higher on Google local searches.

No More Secrets

Do you have a tip or trick you use for local seo?

Is there something that grinds your gears with the local seo landscape?

Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear it!


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