3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Have you ever posted on your Facebook business page and instantly thought “Should I have done that?”

You’re not alone.

When I first started marketing on Facebook there were no guidelines, not data to analyze, no tried and true methods.

It was like the wild, wild west out there!

And with that came fear. Yup, fear that maybe you weren’t doing the right thing.

The time has come to face the facts…

Even with all the great advice out there, you are probably still doing some things that may be hurting your brand.

Let me explain.

1) Once Is Enough, Trust Me

facebook-business-page-mistakesSo you’ve crafted this amazing post, it speaks to your community, and you just know people are going to love it.

You post and everything goes the way you intended.

Then you think “What if some people didn’t see it?”

You get excited thinking about all the people who missed the first post that will interact with the second post you make.

So you post again, and again, and again…

And it falls flat.

Here’s your sign (said in a Bill Engvall voice).

One post is enough. I repeat one post with your original message is fine. Do not double and triple post.

2) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Yes. It. Is.

Don’t write out some lengthy description of your item. Let your photos do the work for you.

This pertains to the restaurant industry specifically. Your content is your food, take high quality pictures. Low quality pictures of your food are in essence low quality content.

Skip all the mumbo-jumbo of how you prepared the item, what ingredients you used and so forth. Instead write a blog post about all the specifics and put the link in your update.

Remember a picture will answer (or ask) a lot of questions if you do it right.

3) Do What I Say

Here’s what I read: “Like” this post if you like that the sun still shines.

This is what I hear: Do this now or forever we will force engagement down your throat.


Image courtesy of Flickr CC. Click for original source.

This kind of update is really just lazy marketing. No one likes it.

Get creative (a.k.a. social) and try to instigate a like, comment, or share.

How about “We just love these colors, don’t you?” See, that was simple, and not one kitten was killed in the process.

I’d like to point this out, if you create something really unique the shares, likes, and comments will follow.

Or run a contest. Either way.

What mistakes have you seen?

There is something that drives everyone crazy on Facebook.

What is your pet peeve with business pages? What mistakes have you seen?

Let me know in the comments below.




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