2 Overlooked Google Places Guidlines

The devil is in the details.

You’ve probably heard that term before.

And it could not be more true when it comes to claiming and optimizing your Google+ Place page.

Chances are you’re overlooking two really simple guidelines that create confusing signals for your local rankings on Google.

1) The Second Line

If you have a suite number or mail box number place this information on the “Address Line 2.”

Radical Mustache Local SEOWHOAAA! Hit the brakes! Mail Box number? I thought you couldn’t use PO Boxes?

That is correct. You can NOT use PO Boxes for your physical address or “Address Line 1.”

What this mail box number is referring to is just that.

If you do business in a building with a bunch of other businesses you might have a mail box number and NOT a specific suite number.

Place that number or your suite number on the second line in your Google+ Places dashboard.

As a rule of thumb, whenever I claim other citations and they offer a second line for the address I also follow this guidline.

2) No Business No Page

You’re excited that you’ve broke ground on your brand spanking new business or new business location (hurray, you’re expanding!).

You rush out to tell the world and then think to yourself “hey, I need to get this baby listed on Google!” and so you head over and get cracking on the big G.

Red Flag!

Do not claim and optimize your business if you are not actually open to meet customers OR your business location is under construction.

I have current, fist hand experience that this creates headaches. I thought I’d test the system to see what would happen.

Sure enough Google tracks down (somehow) that you are not actually open for business and does some wonky stuff to your listing.

Mainly they’ll suppress your listing until they are certain you’re open for business.

And while I can’t actually confirm this (but I do have a hunch) reviews on your page tend to get filtered a lot more.

Short story, wait to claim your business on Google until you are open.

fresno ca local seo

Screen shot via Google Places quality guidelines. Click to visit.

Fix It

Now there is not much you can do if you created and claimed your business before it was open.

Hash that one up to experience.


If you have a business that contains a suite number get over to your page and update this information.

Then head over to the data providers and make sure you have it right on those also.





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